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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Days You Feel Like Running Away...

I have so much to say over these past several months...and alot from some things I experienced yesterday. So with swollen eyes from crying all night...I will try to convey some things...

Some people have hard times, very hard times in there life where they question God, they question what He allows to happen around them, to their loved ones, etc...However, I am not one of those people. Maybe it's because of how long I've known HIM, that I trust HIS heart, His character with my all that this heart of mine keeps to herself.

It's the people in my life that's harder to trust. But I am just one of those trustworthy people...I always want to give people the benefit of the doubt and still continually get hurt by them.

I have been struggling with some health issues, that has robbed me of energy and sometimes even happiness. (but not joy)

But I have had some huge questions of my future and what that looks like, for me and for Steve and I. Most days it's pretty overwhelming. I have been at several funerals in the past 3 months. Even though it is so hard to say good heart is overwhelmed with joy, because they are in HEAVEN, with JESUS! no more pain, no more betrayals, no more broken bodies, no more broken's living here on the earth that's hard.

But I am resolving to press on...I can't say it any better than the song below.

Yet Will I Praise

Let this be the only love song I write
Will You be the only love in my life ?
I asked You to draw me, I said I would run
So though I walk through the valley
Yet, will I trust

I asked you to call me, I said I would come
So though I go up the mountain
Yet will I run

And though my song be taken from me
Yet will I sing, yet will I praise YOU
And though the joy be taken from me
Yet will I laugh, yet will I shout on YOU

And though the light be hidden from me
Yet will I walk, yet will I run after YOU
And the though my heart be slain within me
Yet will I trust
Yet will I follow YOU

'Cause I know whatever YOU do
You do through the eyes of mercy
Oh, and nothing can be added to it
Nothing can be or taken away

There is a time for every purpose, under the heaven
So though my weeping may last for the night
Oh how your joy, it comes with the LIGHT...

Though my song be taken from me
Yet, will I sing, Yet will I praise YOU
Though my heart be slain within me
Yet will I trust
Yet will I follow after YOU

Psalm 30
Psalm 126:5-6


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one loves you more than me :) Thanks for a blog! Love you and love praying for you! God will never fail. AMEN! You are a special young lady and while God calls you FRIEND for sure....I am so thannkful that I get to do that too.
Love you boo....

1:06 PM  
Blogger Kristi Kurtz said...

So will you start blogging again too? I am gonna try....come on...join the fun!
Love you, KK

10:21 PM  

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